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    Beggs is conveniently located just west of Hwy 75 on Hwy 16. It is 31 miles south of Tulsa and only 16 miles from Okmulgee. It was a boomtown in its day during the 1918 era for oil and gas - lease buying and drilling. At one point it had 52 businesses consisting of construction and wholesale as well as trade establishments. Beggs was involved with the Dawes Commission and their authority over Native Americans. Court heard grievances at Beggs over such matters as theft of livestock. Currently, the industry in Beggs includes Healthcare, Social Assistance, Manufacturing, and Educational Services. By the year 2020, the population was almost 1400 citizens. Beggs Public Schools has had several good athletes over the years. Recently, Beggs has reached levels of state championship play not seen in some time and several of its players continued into the college level. Currently, www.niche.com recently graded the district with a B rating. The district was graded highly for clubs, activities, and diversity. Overall, the district maintains a student-teacher ratio of 17:1. Beggs, like most smaller towns south of the Tulsa Metro, is a quiet rural, and somewhat agricultural town with great access to the larger Metro Area of Tulsa. Most recreation would involve the great outdoors and nature. Other outings such as going to the mall or movies can be done with a short half-hour drive. Beggs has a great sense of quiet with room to roam. So be sure to give it a chance when you drive by!
  • Tj's Bar and Grill has become an established restaurant in Beggs. Dropped by for a burger yesterday and the food was so good. Now open to 11:00 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, do not miss this place. Also, Taco Tuesday is a must-attend event.
  • I had the opportunity to take my lovely wife out to dinner Saturday night to the RV Ranch Grill and Bar in Beggs, Oklahoma. This place has great food and reasonable prices. It was really busy and after tasting their delicious food I can see why. Specials include all-you-can-eat catfish on Thursdays and smoked prime rib dinner on Fridays. Located off of l-75 Hwy just south of Mounds, this place has it all. Cold beer and cocktails, steaks, and burgers. There is something here for everyone. The atmosphere is family-friendly and has an old West motif. The staff is friendly and helpful. If you need some recommendations on what to eat, they can help with that too. I ordered the chicken fried steak with white gravy and potatoes. It was huge, my wife and I could have shared the huge portions that hung off of the plate. If you are looking for a new destination to explore and fill up, look no further than the RV Ranch Grill and Bar.
  • The Feedlot Smokehouse and Diner is the newest addition to the downtown Beggs culinary scene. Offering delicious BBQ, fried chicken, sandwiches, chicken bites, and giant specialty burgers. Both for dine-in or to go, everyone can find something to eat at the Feedlot Smokehouse. I personally got to try out this place for lunch and was very impressed by the friendly staff and the quantity of the portions. The BBQ pulled pork sandwich was fantastic. If you are looking for something new to try in Beggs, look no further than The Feedlot Smokehouse and Dinner.
  • Many people within the Beggs, Oklahoma community are without water and are having to pull together as a community to help one another. Citizens who have water are rationing, so the water tower can begin to fill again to create the pressure needed to supply the community. Potable water stations have been set up at the Preston Schools bus barn for everyone to use and take water home. Hang in there Beggs, warmer weather is coming and things should return back to normal soon. There are social media sites for the community that have the newest information about this situation and where to find help. Look for the Beggs Community Page on Facebook.
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    Beggs, OK
    Beggs is a small rural town with a big heart. There are a few shops, a grocery store, a few restaurants, gas stations, a flower shop, and small-town events. Back in my teenage years, the big thing was to go to the drive-in, get a cherry vanilla coke, and cruise Main Street until you found a friend. Then we would pull over into the middle of the street so we could just catch up. It is a great community to raise a family along with some cows, chickens, pigs, and crops.
  • I was fortunate to spend an exciting day photographing a successful bird hunt. While my friend trained his dog, I got a good look at the hunting land near Beggs, OK. Located in Okmulgee County, Beggs offers some of the nicest field and upland hunting opportunities in the state. Just south of Beggs, a small farm and ranch community where the people are nice and friendly. Beggs is a wonderful place to live in Oklahoma.
  • The newest addition to Downtown Beggs is Penny's Diner. Located on the corner, this once local laundromat has been transformed and revitalized into a home town diner with great food and local character. The burgers offered here are 1/4 pound, 1/2 pound, and a full pound portion. The chicken fried steaks are a main staple. Penny's offers weekly specials and is quite busy around dinner time.I had the pleasure of dining here last week and I will be back. The service is unbeatable and eating here is like being transformed back to the 1950's. They offer homemade pies that are worth the trip. Check out Penny's Diner on your next trip into town.
  • I stopped in at Shaffer's Drive-In in Beggs as I often do when I'm in town. Shaffer's Drive-In is the happening place. It is a throwback to the 1950's style drive up diner. Here you can often find locals grabbing a chicken basket, burger, some fries or my favorite...a Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper. I have had the special Dr Pepper all over Green County. From Sonic Burgers to the Dairy Queen, but no one does it better than Shaffer's Drive-In.

    When you are in town looking for properties or just catching an event, make sure to stop in to Shaffer's Drive-In and grab a quick bite to eat. Come hungry and leave satisfied full. The locals are friendly and the high school kids who take your orders are great too. Occasionally, the local town mutt comes by to get a fry or two from you, but that is just part of the charm of this place. It can get quite busy over here in the evenings because the food can't be beat. Do not miss Shaffer's Drive-In if you are in Beggs, just off of Highway 75 on Highway 16 in Downtown Beggs.
  • Beggs has a lot to offer. It is the small town where I graduated from high school. My parents and other family members still live there. It has an old time feel, but if you get off the main drag and get on to some of the rural roads, there is such peace and calmness about it. You can drive for miles and never meet another vehicle. The cattle and horses look at you like, "what are you doing here? Are you here to feed me?". I really enjoy getting off of the main roads and doing some backroads driving and photography. We miss so much in our everyday travels by always being in a hurry and following the same ol' routes. The change of pace is always a treat.
  • When I was a child, before rural water became available, this is where we would go to get our water barrels filled. My dad would let us climb the platform and work the pump. The metal tube would reach from the spout of the pump to the barrels in the back of the truck. The water was so cold and tasted so much better than the water that comes out of the tap today. On hot summer days, my cousins and I would ride our bicycles down to the old well and get a cold drink and splash ourselves with it. The picture here is what that well looks like today. Overgrown, and no longer in use. But the memories will live in my mind forever.
  • Beggs, Oklahoma is located approximately 40 minutes south of Tulsa and about 20 minutes north of Okmulgee. Located in Okmulgee County, Beggs offers some of the nicest field and upland hunting opportunities in the state. Just south of Beggs is the Deep Fork Wildlife Refuge that is open to the public for hunting and fishing. Beggs is a small farm and ranch community and the people are nice and friendly. Beggs is a wonderful place to live in Oklahoma.

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