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Claremore Oklahoma is a charming small town located in northeastern Oklahoma. Home to Rogers State University, the city offers a variety of cultural and educational opportunities for residents of all ages. The downtown area features unique shops and restaurants, while nearby lakes and parks offer outdoor recreation.

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    History: Claremore is located in the heart of what was originally the Cherokee Nation in Indian Territory and currently serves as the county seat for Rogers County located at the intersection of Highway 88, Highway 20, and Historic Route 66. The town's name is derived from the name of an Osage Indian Chief whose village was destroyed in a battle in the early 1800s. The town's history includes the Atlantic and Pacific Railways coming to town in the early 1880s later joined by the Kansas and Arkansas Valley Railway as well as the Missouri Pacific Railway. In 1919 the Oklahoma Military Academy was established and in 1937 the Works Progress Administration began constructing Rogers County Courthouse which is still used to this day. Several buildings and homes in towns have been registered as National Historic Places such as the Will Rogers Hotel, The Belvidere, and Mendenhall's Bath House. Rogers State University now sits on the former site of the Oklahoma Military Academy. Medical Services are provided to the community through Claremore Regional and the Public Health Service (Indian Hospital). Many Claremore citizens have gone on to reach fame and fortune including Lynn Riggs, Stuart Roosa, and Patti Page. But Claremore is perhaps best known for being the home of Oklahoma's favorite son, Will Rogers. The Will Rogers Memorial Museum is located near Rogers State University and proudly displays movie memorabilia and some of Rogers's original writings.

    Things to Do: Claremore features a beautiful lake for fishing sports, walking trails, and a splash pad for kids of all ages! Nature lovers will also love the Claremore Mountain Bike trails! If you're not an outdoor enthusiast, you can check out the Will Rogers Memorial Museum full of movie memorabilia and Will Rogers history. Or you can check out the JM Davis Arms and Historical Museum which features the world's largest private gun collection and other interesting items such and Native American relics, animal horns, and musical instruments. If you love horses and racing you can check out the Blue Ribbon Downs where the excitement Is sure to get your blood pumping. Claremore has plenty of retail amenities to keep your pantry stocked, your family clothed and holiday gifts purchased. During the Christmas season, their downtown area hosts Dickens On The Boulevard which is a Christmas festival complete with holiday carolers sure to delight all the shoppers!

    Population and Schools: Claremore currently boasts a population of over 18,000 citizens and a school system whose district is ranked 17th in the state of Oklahoma according to www.nice.com who also reports that the student-teacher ratio is 15: 1 and their overall district grade is a B+. According to Niche, the district is also ranked #30th in the state for athletes.

    Commute Times and Local Industries: Many of Claremore's citizens find work in construction, manufacturing, and healthcare within the community. For those who commute to Tulsa for work, the average commute time is 31 minutes where jobs in various other industries such as financial, administrative, or oil and gas can be found. Overall, Claremore is a self-sufficient town with grocery stores, retail stores, banks, a post office, and many service industries such as automotive repair and home improvement or contracting businesses.
  • Are you ready for summer swimming? The Claremore Recreation Center pool is now open for swimming. Opened in 1999, the CRC is a large and modern recreation facility offering an Olympic-sized swimming pool with shallow swim areas for the kids. You do not need to be a member or a resident of Claremore to enjoy this facility. Open Monday through Sunday, the CRC has a lot to offer. For more information, google Claremore Recreation Center.
  • Claremore is close enough to Tulsa for commuters, but far enough away for a small-town feel. With great schools and family activities, it makes for a great place to call home. Come check it out.
  • If you visit my photos, you will see a great photo I took traveling down the famous Route 66 highway here in Claremore. I love trains! The blaring horns, ding-ding-ding of the crossing guards flashing red, the rumble of thousands of pounds of rolling steel, even the creative graffiti and urban artwork and the chugging sound of the locomotives as they pass by still brings out my inner child.

    When a train is coming I roll down my windows and take it all in. All that being said, I do not live in Claremore where the growing population and the trains are an inconvenience for the citizens who live there. The city and the railways have been cooperating together to find solutions for everyone involved. It is an ongoing part of the growth and expansion of our rural areas here in Green County.

    Most residents will tell you that it's all part of living in the city, some even say that you get used to it or hardly even notice the trains passing anymore. Still others grow frustrated with the constant hassle of having to wait for the trains to roll by so that we may proceed with our busy and productive lives. I see both sides of the story. I took the train picture with my Nikon D7000 camera. It's an older model, but still does a great job.
  • While there may not seem like much to do in Claremore, the county offers plenty of opportunity to not only have fun but to learn a little about the area. Claremore offers the Will Rogers Memorial and birthplace and the Frank Phillips House and Fort Gibson. Claremore also offers shopping at the Ne-Mar Shopping Center, the Claremore Plaza, and Plaza Shopping Center.
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    Claremore, OK
    Claremore, meaning "mountain with a clear view," got its name from an Osage Chief known as "Gra-moi" who was among the first settlers in the area. The city has been incorporated with the Cherokee Nation since 1883, since the Indian Removal Act of 1830.
  • The town Claremore was named for the Osage Indian chief "Claremore". The chief lived nearby in a village that was destroyed in 1817 during the Battle of Claremore Mound.

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