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Hominy Area Insight

  • As I pulled into Hominy and headed to Buck's Eats & Treats for some coffee and laptop work, this little beauty above caught my eye.

    I loved the way the American flag popped off the paint colors on this home. I passed by but then just had to turn around.

    There's something to be said for the view from the Brick Streets. Many small towns have streets of brick peeking through asphalt patches or in stretches along a side street. There they are - holding up under the pressure and standing the test of time...

    Can you imagine the labor involved in laying these pathways that could tell of horse and buggy days along with Model T traffic? Here they are - still strong as "Blackie" (my little car) and I took a spin down them in Hominy today.

    These bricks have been neighbors to homes of shiplap and stone foundations for most of a century, if not more. It reminds me of an old Merle Haggard song about a Ford and a Chevy lasting ten years, "like they should." I would say the shiplap and brick would hold to the same sentiments Merle sang about. There's just something to be said for a job well-done that lasts. It's a testament to its builders and to its laborers. Nail by nail, brick by brick - something good was going on in Hominy back in the day...

    Maybe it was fueled by the oil boom...Or maybe by the church...

    The Frederick Drummond Historic Home on Price Ave. is available for tours. But, one thing is for sure - those builders and bricklayers of yesteryear left a legacy that still stands today and speaks, not from the rubble - but from the excellence.

    When you're out scouting Osage County - I want to invite you to "take to the Brick Streets" in our communities where you'll be encouraged that America is alive and well in Oklahoma where patriotism lives on. A place where small-town America holds on strong... built on a foundation of values that haven't crumbled under the weight or the winds.

    You'll find a good way of life filled with neighbors, front porch sitting, sweet tea drinking, politic discussing, lawn mowing, flower planting, and wholesome goodness smiling amongst a great big bunch of rurality right here in Osage County, Oklahoma -- on the Brick Streets.
  • If I were going to describe Cha' Tullis, the first wording that comes to mind is, "a ring for every finger and a heart as big as Texas." You'll recognize him when you see him as he stands head and shoulders above most men. He's an icon and a treasure with a heart for both Osage County and his community of Hominy that touches mine. Men like this one are rare.

    Hominy is a community with its own uniqueness. High atop a hill overlooking the town, 20' tall metal Indian sculptures silhouette the western sky. One day I went exploring (with the owner's permission - sorta) and climbed up to the top of that very hill. The view was gorgeous, but I was amazed at the size of those sculptures! New Territory is their name, and they have one of the best views in Oklahoma from their perch. New Territory sets Hominy apart, thanks to the vision and creativity of Cha' Tullis.

    Many buildings sport fading murals throughout the downtown area. Those too, tell the story of a man with a generous heart who willingly poured it out through every calculated stroke of a paintbrush many years ago. That man was Cha' Tullis.

    If you hear Native American music downtown when you open your car door, follow it. It will lead you to the door of the Cha' Tullis Gallery where Cha' and his wife, Tina, spend their days making jewelry and making friends. From hides to painted canvas art, ponchos to straw hats, and one-of-a-kind turquoise jewelry creations - you'll always find something new every time you visit - and I definitely recommend that you visit!

    Every community has them - the gems who go above and beyond, who give their best, who believe in their fellow man, and who make where they come from a better place for all. I call them the engaged. Not like with a ring on their left hand - but in Cha's case - yes, like with a ring on their left hand, on every finger Lol

    These are the pearls. The ones who have withstood the pressure to quit, give up, or throw in the towel. These are the ones who have stood the test of time - who now are tempered and unbreakable and who jingle like a handmade spur rowel on a wooden front porch. The engaged don't complain about the problems, they bring solutions to the table. They are the outside-of-the-box thinkers, the innovative entrepreneurs, the overcoming dream pursuers, and the ones not spreading infectious small-town manure. It rhymed - but still, just sayin'.

    These are the very things legends are made of - and Cha' Tullis is a hero and a legend in Osage County - not just because I say so, but because he was recognized as such by the Osage County Historical Society as well, in 2019. However, Cha' would never tell you these things when you're visiting with him over a jewelry showcase in downtown Hominy. He'd be more interested in talking to you about your life and your accomplishments and making you feel appreciated and important. But I guess that's just the way men of his character and caliber behave.

    I'd encourage you to drive over to Hominy to the Cha' Tullis Gallery (ChaTullisGallery.com). Recently, Cha' sat down with The Tourism Gal and recorded an episode of the Osagin' It podcast you can download on Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, Pandora, iHeart, iTunes, and more - where he talks about how he got started in the art business as well as his heart for Hominy, Osage County, Oklahoma.

    Until next time, y'all come see us in the place where the smiles are always in Osage County Oklahoma. And we will leave the lights on for you.

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