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    Morris, OK
    The weather in Oklahoma can be unpredictable. Even with the best satellite and radar predictive models, it is not uncommon for storm chasers, live reporters, and weather experts to get caught off guard. Moving to Oklahoma many years ago from Southern California I quickly became overwhelmed by the weather in Oklahoma. The tornado sirens are tested in most counties around noon every week and the siren song can become commonplace over time, but also a reminder of the extreme and severe weather events that can happen year-round.

    At first, I would listen to the TV anchor, Travis Myers, nervously wait for his advice and rely on his knowledge to make sure I was ready for whatever may be coming my way. A sense of fear and uncertainty would overwhelm my senses. This reaction could only last so long, and like many of the local Oklahoma residents, I began to become somewhat desensitized to the process of panic. That is when you know you are becoming a native to the state.

    The sirens now just pique your curiosity, so you venture outside to look up at the sky. Soon you notice that most of your neighbors are out as well and this creates a chance to visit and talk about the weather, work, kids, etc. This is all part of the process of understanding or visualizing the severity immediately above your home or place of work. Unless of course you are in the dark and it is in the middle of the night.

    Waking up to the sound of wind crashing about mysterious objects around your back patio, hail dancing on your roof at a decibel range just above what you would consider "normal". Then slowly, the sirens begin to wind up. As the siren spins in its rotation it is getting louder and comes in and out as it points in all directions. You notice that you are panting in short breaths and you hear soft ringing in the ears. What can you do? Where do you go? Do I have time for prayer...I make time. This is what it is like several times a year in Oklahoma when the weather turns nasty and you realize that you are just human after all.

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