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Heritage Hills Area Insight

  • Michael Wallace
    RE/MAX At Home
    Nestled in the heart of downtown Oklahoma City, the historic neighborhood of Heritage Hills stands as a testament to community, resilience, and the enduring spirit of preservation. Its name harks back to a time when three of the city's initial residential areas were united to form the first Historic Preservation District in the State of Oklahoma. Today, Heritage Hills thrives as a small bedroom community, just blocks away from the vibrant cultural and economic center of the state, while serving as a living testament to the city's rich history.

    Stretching between NW 13th Street and NW 23rd Street, the story of Heritage Hills began with Henry Overholser, who in 1903 constructed his magnificent mansion atop a picturesque grassy hill. With sweeping views of both the State Capital and the bustling dirt roads of the 10-year-old Oklahoma City, Overholser's mansion attracted other influential figures like Colcord, Hightower, and Hale, who sought to build their own grand homes in the area.

    Over the years, developers such as G.A. Nichols recognized the allure of the region and began acquiring the surrounding farmland to build additional homes for the city's elite during periods of economic prosperity. By 1925, Heritage Hills was fully developed, boasting paved roads, parks, and even a newly established elementary school. The community flourished, and the close-knit nature of the neighborhood encouraged the preservation of its architectural treasures and fostered a deep sense of appreciation for its unique heritage.

    However, as Oklahoma City experienced significant growth, downtown areas, including Heritage Hills, fell victim to neglect and encroachment by commercial developers. The neighborhood's cherished history and architectural gems faced the threat of demolition, with the iconic Colcord Mansion ultimately succumbing to the wrecking ball, making way for an uninspiring office building. It was a turning point for Heritage Hills, as the destruction served as a wakeup call for its residents.

    In 1964, the mayor of Oklahoma City, George Shirk, ushered in a new era of preservation and revitalization. Recognizing the importance of preserving the city's outstanding buildings, He established the first Historic Preservation Commission and directed city staff to prioritize both preservation and development. This pivotal moment paved the way for the revitalization of Heritage Hills and the downtown area as a whole.

    Today, Oklahoma City's downtown stands as a shining example of urban revitalization for the rest of the country. Just minutes away from Heritage Hills, waves of new housing, restaurants, shops, and businesses have sprung up, capitalizing on the allure of urban living. Meanwhile, Heritage Hills itself remains a proud and thriving residential community, preserving its rich heritage and offering its residents a unique blend of history and modern amenities.

    Walking through the tree-lined streets of Heritage Hills, one can't help but be captivated by the architectural diversity and the stories they hold. From grand mansions that harken back to the city's early days to charming bungalows and cottages that reflect the changing times, each structure carries with it a piece of Oklahoma City's past.

    As Oklahoma City continues to evolve and grow, Heritage Hills remains a beacon of the city's rich heritage, a place where the past and the present harmoniously coexist. It stands as a reminder that preserving our history and embracing our roots is not only a matter of nostalgia but also a vital part of shaping our future. Heritage Hills is a testament to the power of preservation and serves as an inspiration for communities everywhere to value their unique heritage and foster a sense of belonging that transcends time.
  • Devin Ross
    RE/MAX At Home
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    Heritage Hills Subdivision
    Looking for breakfast or lunch around Heritage Hills? Maybe just want to stop for a coffee and croissant? Need some fresh baked goods to go? I recommend stopping by The Harvey Bakery at NW 13th and Harvey Avenue. They have a ton of great options, including what I'd say is the best club sandwich in Oklahoma City. The enormous two-story space has huge windows that let in a lot of natural light making it the perfect place to study, get some work done, or meet up with a friend. Every time I go in there's something I haven't seen, they're always baking something fresh! Some of my favorite items are tea cakes, cinnamon rolls, and chocolate croissants.
  • Mark Calhoun
    RE/MAX First
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    Heritage Hills Subdivision
    Heritage Hills is Oklahoma City's first historic preservation district with development beginning just after 1900 and largely completed by 1930. Various styles of architecture are represented throughout the neighborhood, including Châteauesque, Italian Renaissance Revival, Prairie School, Greek Revival, Neoclassical, American Craftsman, Colonial/Georgian Revival, Mission Revival, Tudor Revival, American Foursquare, and Dutch Colonial Revival. Heritage Hills' largest house, and largest in Oklahoma City, is the Hales Mansion, spanning 20,021 square feet. The Châteauesque-style Overholser Mansion is the neighborhood's second-largest house and is also a historic house museum open to the public with guided tours. The recent urban revitalization of downtown and the surrounding districts makes Heritage Hills a valuable asset to Oklahoma City. Tree-lined sidewalks and historic sprawling estates are ideal spaces for growing families.
  • Heritage Hills is located between NW 13th Street and NW 23rd Street. The story of Heritage Hills is one of community, rescue, and perseverance. The community survived the ill thought out
    'urban renewal' push in the 1960's and is now considered a very posh place to secure a historic home in central Oklahoma City.

    Buying a home in this historic home area requires that you take the time to review market statistics, get quality home inspections before you close on the home, and use a quality historic home expert realtor to guide you through what often becomes a torrent of property information.
    A good start is to review some of the market statistics that I am providing for this lovely historic homes neighborhood of Heritage Hills in OKC.

    Average Price of Homes: $861,980
    Total Listings: 5
    Average Price Per Square Foot: $249
    Highest Price: $1,575,000
    Lowest Price: $449,900
    Average Property Age: 107 YEARS

    Use knowledgeable historic homes realtors and then start booking some personal tours of these fine properties. You'll love living in Heritage Hills Oklahoma City, OK!
  • Wendy Chong
    RE/MAX Preferred
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    Heritage Hills Subdivision
    For those that drive through Historic Heritage Hills and wonder what the expansive estate homes look like on the inside; now is your chance at the 50th Annual Heritage Hills Historic Homes Tour. Come take a peek at the unique, historic, and charming character of homes that were built at the turn of the century and during statehood on vast, open farm land.

    On September 24th and 25th from noon to 5:00 p.m., six homes will be open for self-guided tours offering a glimpse into the history and architecture of the homes in Oklahoma City's urban core. The Overholser Mansion located at 405 N.W. 15th Street will serve as the main hub during the weekend with food trucks, live music and narrated guided walking tours from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. each day.

    This years homes featured on the tour include: 400 N.W. 20th, 424 N.W. 16th, 425 N.W. 16th, 700 N.W. 15th, 1703 N. Hudson, and 420 N.W. 14th. Tickets for the home tour may be purchased in advance at the following locations for $15.00: 23rd Street Antique Mall, 42nd Street Candy Co., Full Circle Book Store, On A Whim, Overholser Mansion, Shady Lady Interiors, Courtyard Antique Market. Tickets may be purchased the days of the tour at the Overholser Mansion.

    All proceeds benefit the Heritage Hills Associate Board of Historic Preservation Inc., that is dedicated to the preservation of Historic Heritage Hills cultural and architectural heritage. Trolley transportation will be available for those that are not able to walk from house to house.
  • Wendy Chong
    RE/MAX Preferred
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    Heritage Hills Subdivision
    One of the most prominent historic neighborhoods in downtown Oklahoma City is Heritage Hills which is located between Northwest 13th and Northwest 23rd Street and North Robinson to North Classen. Developers which included G.A. Nichols began purchasing the farmland and building stately and ornate mansions on blocks to make way for homes of Oklahoma City's most elite families during the early economic boom. By 1925, most of Heritage Hills was fully developed and regaled with paved roads, parks, and a new elementary school.

    Today, with Oklahoma City's downtown renaissance as the model for urban revitalization, waves of restaurants, shopping, businesses, and residential housing are being built near Heritage Hills capitalizing on the allure of urban living. Heritage Hills was the first area to establish a Historic Preservation District in Oklahoma and continues to preserve and maintain the architecture that was established on old farmland 100 years ago. Tree-lined sidewalks and historic areas offer a unique quality of life that only comes with age, history, and character. The Oklahoma pioneer spirit continues with an integral social community that embraces the practicality and progress of modern life while protecting the dissolution of character.
  • Heritage Hills is an incredible neighborhood, known as Oklahoma City's
    first Historic Preservation District. A wide range of square footage options, from 23,000
    sq ft for a mansion to 1900 sq ft for a Bungalow. Super close to all the vibrant
    activities of Downtown and Midtown!
  • Debra South
    RE/MAX Preferred
    Beginning in 1997, my office was on the northeast corner of NW 13th and Dewey - then the Center for Nonprofits. My corner of that world was on the second floor on the southeast corner overlooking the old Mercy Hospital parking garage. I worked there while they tore down the old structure. There were only two places to eat - Boulevard Cafeteria and Kaiser's. The sidewalks were broken and I made sure I always left the office before dark because I didn't feel safe leaving alone otherwise. My how things have changed!

    Now Oklahoma City's Midtown is a destination in itself. It's not Bricktown or Downtown or Automobile Alley. It is an area well defined by its name and by its own culture. Whether attending the popular H & 8th Street Fair, or fine dining at Packard's, or Viceroy, Midtown has a wide range of appeal.

    H & 8th (H meaning Hudson Street) Night Market is held on the last Friday of each month. It is a family and pet-friendly street festival built around a lineup of the city's top gourmet food trucks and live music. There is no cost to attend. It has gained in popularity for all ages and all tastes. With up to 30 food trucks participating, there is great food covering a wide range of tastes. The first time I attended I could not believe the sea of people and yet how relaxed it was.

    Midtown is anchored by St. Anthony Hospital on the southwest side. Several years ago the leadership at St. Anthony's approached the city with a question. They were considering moving, as other hospitals in the area had already done. They were weighing their options and realized to stay in the midtown area they needed to build a partnership with the city. They needed to know if the city was willing to invest in the area. Wisely, the City of Oklahoma City understood the value of a top hospital in the area and agreed to work with St. Anthony's to reclaim the area. Since then it has been a joint effort supported by the City of Oklahoma City, St. Anthony's and midtown property owners, developers and the city as a whole.

    Success breeds success and Midtown is an example of just that. The average person who dines or bowls or lives in Midtown does not understand the effort that has gone into the overall revitalization plan - they just enjoy the results. But the "village" that continues to work for the betterment of the area is due a tip of the hat!

    Recently I toured The Edge - upscale apartments that appeal to a wide range of occupants. I was amazed at the high quality details in the apartments. Amenities include a sunning pool, a complete and spacious outdoor kitchen for tenants use and a fancy, dancy dog park - all on the roof!

    The north side of Midtown meets the south side of Heritage Hills, one of the premier, historic neighborhoods in Oklahoma City. The east side of Midtown is bordered by Automobile Alley and the south side, a vital downtown area - making the block of revitalization and restoration a large chunk of original Oklahoma City.

    As a real estate professional I know that a healthy, vital city enhances the real estate market citywide. Whether we own commercial property or residential in or around Midtown, we all benefit from its new, polished look and feel. Oklahoma City is a wonderful place to own a home, raise a family and enjoy our diverse culture. I encourage you to visit Midtown and see what all of the fuss is about.
  • Chelle Greene
    RE/MAX First
    Heritage Hills is known for its beautiful, tree lined streets and close proximity to both Downtown and Midtown. I absolutely love the distance to the best restaurants Oklahoma City has to offer and all of the new development happening in Midtown. The front porches take you back to a simpler time where people gathered in the evenings to relax and spent quality time together. Heritage Hills is filled with big, beautiful homes! Extremely elegant. I love the size and grandeur. It is a very active community with tons of events and community home tours. Heritage Hills is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the Oklahoma City Metro area and a great place to live.

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