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Midtown District Area Insight

  • Kristina Moosavi
    RE/MAX Lifestyle
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    Midtown District
    Oklahoma City's Midtown district is a constantly evolving area boasting a unique blend of independent boutiques, acclaimed restaurants, and diverse entertainment options. Locally owned businesses with distinctive items line the streets of this area, providing visitors with a unique shopping experience. A variety of bars, cafes, and even specialty food stores operate here alongside popular eateries offering examples of traditional cuisine as well as trendy food scenes. The neighborhood is currently experiencing an upswing in growth and development which will only serve to attract more visitors from far and wide. Everyone from those looking for an upscale date night to outdoorsy adventurers appreciates what Midtown District has to offer.
  • Debra South
    RE/MAX Preferred
    Last week, we had an adventure in Midtown Oklahoma City. Actually, I've had several adventures there recently. I had clients here from out of town two weeks ago, and they stayed at the Ambassador Hotel - one of my favorite boutique hotels in the city - wait, it is my favorite!

    I regularly go to Midtown to my orthodontist, Dr. David Birdwell at Orthodontic Arts, but I seldom take time to enjoy the many restaurants and boutiques while there. I drop in, they muddle around in my mouth for a while, and I go back to work. But when I had out-of-town clients, I of course felt the need to serve as a tour guide and was able to dine at Neighborhood Jam and Louie's Midtown. Both meals were neither at breakfast nor lunchtime, so their flexible hours made it easy to drop in and chow down.

    But this week, my guy and I made a special trip to Neighborhood Jam during the week. I had to put some open house signs out, so I thought, while we are in the neighborhood! Right? Also, when he heard that I'd gone to Neighborhood Jam a couple of weeks before, he whined like a third-grade girl, so I had to put a stop to that!

    He always orders The Heap and I always order the Avocado Toast. Which is one meal for him and two for me! We also order a side of three biscuits, with the Jam's featured jam, and by the end of the meal, we are absolutely stuffed. But a good stuffed - like, I may never need to eat again, but it was so worth it! I confess, that I have a Neighborhood Jam t-shirt and wear it proudly. On the back is "Love They Neighbor," and boy do I when they make biscuits like they do!

    Also, while eating at Neighborhood Jam, I enjoy watching the colorful streetcars drive by. They fascinate me! While we were walking back to the car, I took some pics of the businesses along our path. There are so many cool places, I couldn't photograph them all...I'll leave that for a follow-up visit and report back later.

    This roving REALTOR© enjoys the journey as much as the destination, especially if there are biscuits involved! I love OKC!
  • Kristina Moosavi
    RE/MAX Lifestyle
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    Midtown District
    The Midtown area located just north of downtown Oklahoma City has so much to offer! It is a great spot to grab a bite to eat and do some shopping. It is home to several small locally owned boutiques. The area is also very walkable! It seems like every day new places are moving in and there are new spots to check out!
  • Tom Compise
    RE/MAX At Home
    You will love the Midtown District in downtown Oklahoma City! There are so many awesome restaurants new and old that you can visit for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Do you like beer? You found your place with upbeat beer halls, lounges and of course the Beer Garden Midtown! This is definitely worth checking out. You won't be dissappointed!
  • Kelsey Gilbert
    RE/MAX Preferred
    Love to see all the ways this city is supporting and loving our essential workers. This gorgeous mural located at the corner of NW 9th street and Walker was painted to show support to our essential workers. The location is meant to bring a smile to those that need it the most. The mural is right across the street from St. Anthony's Hospital, showing support to those battling coronavirus.
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    Midtown District
    Oklahoma City has so many local restaurants to explore. Today I had the pleasure of dining at Kitchen 324 in the heart of Downtown Oklahoma City. The chicken strudel with a side of Brussel Sprouts was an excellent choice. The service was delightful and they also took many extra precautions for COVID-19 safety which made us feel more at ease. If you are in the area you should check it out.
  • Had a great little work/coffee break in Midtown yesterday! The business is named Hank's Coffee & Wine in our exciting Midtown Oklahoma City district. They named their coffee shop after their beloved pet dog who was with them for nine years. Hank the dog's nickname was 'Cow Dog' because they said he had unusual markings on his ears. It's nice to know that they adopted him and he was a mixed breed rescue pup.

    They also have a liquor license and can provide you with nice wine, beer, and more fun happy hour evening libations. I stuck with the great coffee because I was there in the morning and enjoying their WIFI and excellent ambiance. Don't miss this new Midtown OKC business when you are exploring Midtown Oklahoma City! You will find Hank's Coffee & Wine Shop is now open at 1227 N. Walker Avenue in Oklahoma City.
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    Midtown District
    If you love visiting the Midtown and Downtown area of OKC, then you might have considered living there, too! In case you are interested in the market activity for this area of Midtown real estate, here are some quick recent stats on the real estate market here in the Midtown Oklahoma City area.

    Median Price: sold $143,000, new $214,999, active $520,000

    Median Days Active: active 52 days

    Inventory of Homes: sold 1, new 5, active 19

    Enjoy home shopping in our Midtown OKC areas!
  • Wendy Chong
    RE/MAX Preferred
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    Midtown District
    For the past six years, Oklahomans have enjoyed "shopping local" at the Holiday Pop-Up Shops located in Midtown. The goal that has remained all these years was to support small businesses as well as bringing local shopping for OKC residents and out-of-towners to have one central place to shop during the holiday season.

    The geo-dome temporary shop homes are family and dog-friendly and will be open weekly beginning November 23rd and end December 23rd with shops changing out weekly. Here is a list of dates and the great shopping that will be available:

    Thursday, Friday and Saturday: 10:00 a.m.to 9:00 p.m.
    Sunday: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

    December 13th through 16th:
    Shop Good - screenprinted tees and thoughtful gifts
    Mode - women's fashion and accessories boutique
    STEMcell Science Shop - unique scientific experience
    Apple Tree Chocolate - homemade delicious treats
    TRADE Men's Wares - all things for a Tradesman
    Heenan's - home furnishings store
    Fruition - handmade goods
    Pin and Paper - cards and stationary
    udander - modern full-service spa inspired by Scandinavian simplicity

    December 20th through 23rd:
    Out on a Limb - home decor, accessories, etc boutique
    The Social Club - shop and salon
    Woodsman Trading Co - clothing and accessories boutique
    Black Scintilla - novelty gift items to clothing
    PLENTY Mercantile - life and style products
    Woody Candy - oldest candy manufacturer in Oklahoma
    Anabelle's - boutique
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    Midtown District
    Want to avoid lines at the mall? Try these pop shops located in the Midtown District of Oklahoma City. Get a glass of wine and browse. Something different every week until December 23rd. Just click on the website to find out more information. Enjoy!!
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    Midtown District
    If you're with me and I'm showing homes in Crown Heights of NW OKC, then you know I'll be taking you to see some personal fun spots in that area. A cup of coffee at The Lobby Bar (Will Rogers Theater), some sushi at Sushi Neko, and some down time exploring great local art at a locally owned OKC art gallery.

    The current attraction at Howell Gallery is titled Triumph of the Eyes and it's really worth stopping by to see it. Howell Gallery is very casual and relaxing and I love the owners. This show is just a nice thing to explore while digesting that great sushi we just consumed at Sushi Neko!

    This exhibit consists of portraits of celebrities and other while using colors and shapes in the art that don't show their identifiable faces. It's nice to see creativity like this and of course, supporting a local art gallery like the Howell means a lot to me. Exhibit ends April 3rd, so beat a path over there and enjoy!
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    Midtown District
    Midtown District keeps growing and their latest addition is Hank's, a hip coffee and wine bar! They also have beer, a small food menu and treats; human and dog! Feel free to bring your well behaved furry friend inside to enjoy the local vibe or pick a patio table to people watch on Walker.
  • Showing houses in Midtown today! Love this area and the surrounding events, dining and just plain fun things to do! Here's a short list of a few things that will make my day better and if you know how to do things like ice skate well, you'll appreciate the opportunity to dive into that fun OKC Winter activity too!

    Start off your day with a hearty meal in our lovely Midtown area! Here's my best suggestion for a quick and comfortable meal before you dive into your work or play in Oklahoma City:

    *Prairie Thunder Baking: Some call this a 'taste of Europe' in Midtown OKC. They make everything from scratch and the taste you experience when you bite into that scone will prove them right in making that decision. Open 7:00am to 6:00pm, you can't go wrong starting off your Midtown OKC day here.

    *Reading Wednesdays at the Myriad Gardens: After the fact that you and your kids are stuffed with fine bakery items from PrairieThunder Baking, you'll want some relaxing indoor and warm-up time at the Myriad Gardens Wednesday Reading for Kids event. This happens every Wednesday in the Crystal Bridge South Lobby. Great for younger kids age 2-5, but you'll love hanging out in the Crystal Bridge area no matter how young or old. This event is free. Books are chosen based on the season and crafts are offered after the reading. Don't miss this every Wednesday event in Downtown OKC. Visit the link below for details.

    *Devon Ice Rink: Time to strap on some skates and spin around the Devon Ice Rink! The weather is very agreeable this year in OKC for outdoor activities. You'll appreciate being able to ice skate with friends and family here in Oklahoma City and particularly when you can take breaks and stroll around our Myriad Gardens. This event used to be in front of the OKC Civic Center, but is now located at our Myriad Gardens. So, you can finish the Wednesday Kids Reading event and not have to drive and park to get to the ice rink. Details? Hours are Monday-Thursday 3:00 - 9:00pm; Friday 3:00 -11:00pm; Saturday 11:00 am - 11:00 pm; Sunday 11:00am - 7:00 pm.

    Find enough to keep you busy today? Maybe you'll even see me on the ice after showing some of our great urban condo and loft housing in the Midtown and Downtown OKC area! Have a great Wednesday in Oklahoma City!
  • Wendy Chong
    RE/MAX Preferred
    Ask Wendy a question about Midtown District.
    Midtown District
    The Midtown District in urban Oklahoma City is quickly becoming one of the most revitalized historical districts for all to enjoy. Between November 25th and December 22nd, the Holiday Pop-Up Shops and Christmas Tree Lot are back for shoppers to enjoy. This year, 35 locally owned shops will be on hand rotating weekly in the lot next to Bleu Garten on N.W. 10th and Hudson. The geodesic domes are hard to miss and are open Sunday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (Thursday through Saturday) and 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (Sundays).

    This is a great way to support our locally owned boutique stores while enjoying the beauty of the Christmas season. Bishop John Carroll School will be hosting the Christmas Tree lot with proceeds helping students participate in their sports program. Be sure to take your family and pets and pose in front of the giant Christmas tree! Visit the link below for a full list of holiday pop-up shops.
  • Showing lofts and townhomes in Midtown and taking a lunch break...found a wonderful spot called Iguana Mexican Grill. We had cooler weather today, so I enjoyed the patio dining, too!
    This is obviously a restaurant name that tells you the story of expecting great Mexican, Southwestern and yes, vegetarian food. Love the indoor and outdoor seating and location in Downtown/Midtown! They are open 11:00am to 10:00pm, it's a great spot to take clients like when I'm showing urban living options today.

    Top picks? Salsa of course! Chunky with good tomato taste, great flavor and the chips are perfect. The Guacamole Fresco appetizer is wonderful. It may be a little spicy for you, but perfect for me. Ask server for options if that concerns you. Finally, the Duelling Rellenos! These are fried Anaheim peppers that have a variety of stuffed fillings. I enjoyed the presentation of this dish and the chipotle drizzle sauce on top. Comes with sides. Good stuff!
  • Loved starting my home showing tour today with coffee at my favorite Midtown coffee spot. Elemental Coffee Roasters is top shelf coffee, a local business and I love supporting them.
    They import and roast some of the best coffees available anywhere! Great brew is served at their coffee shop, which offers a full menu of espresso-based drinks, brewed coffee and fresh food. If you're hungry, then be sure to pay a visit during the weekend to sample their delicious brunch menu.
  • Ask a Local Expert a question about Midtown District.
    Midtown District
    I love Midtown and the veterinary clinic here is sponsoring a fun Easter Egg hunt! Do you ever wonder if your dog would love to chow down and chase down some Easter eggs? Here's a event that puppy parents will love! I have a Great Dane, so I'm sure he will really enjoy this event. It's available Downtown at that new dog park by the Myriad Gardens and it's sponsored by Midtown Vets.

    They will sponsor an Easter egg hunt for dogs at 12:00 pm, March 26, at the Myriad Botanical Gardens Great Lawn. The fee is $5 per dog for members and $10 per dog for nonmembers of the Botanical Gardens. Registration is required by Monday. Dogs must be leashed and have proof of current vaccinations. For more information or to register, call 445-7080. Come join me and my Great Dane to find some Easter fun for parents of puppies in OKC!

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