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Lawton Oklahoma is a city located in the southwestern part of Oklahoma. Lawton has a low cost of living, a diverse community, and a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, and fishing.

Lawton Area Insight

  • The fireworks display at Elmer Thomas Park was absolutely over the top. The Army Band was awesome. I hope everyone had a great time. Looking forward to next year.
  • Freedom Fest is a family-friendly annual event held at Elmer Thomas Park. This event brings families and our community together to celebrate America's independence. This event offers food vendors, music, and the best firework show in Southwest Oklahoma. Read more about this event and click the link below.
  • Lawton Transit System receives a training course with the Lawton Council of the Blind. They conducted an obstacle course while wearing a blindfold or vision impaired goggles. To read more please click on the link for the full story.
  • This is a great time to buy. Most owners still pay the buyer's closing costs. This allows you to purchase your home for less upfront money than to rent. Rates on loans are around 4%. That is historically low. We have about 700 homes on the market in Lawton. Average sales price is about $118,0000
  • Lawton, OK
    This park has a walking trail as well as a running trail. It is located off the corner of 2nd Street and Ferris. As you run the trail, you run past prairie dogs peeping out of their holes. It's a great park for our children to play, and has a beautiful lake where soldiers and locals like to come fish in the morning. If your feet health is important, there is the option of dirt trails. Come enjoy nature and enjoy better health.
  • Lawton, OK
    If you are new to the area and you are looking for a place to get your clothes cleaned, please consider taking them to Comet Cleaners located at 2413 NW Cache Rd. Their service is friendly, their prices are reasonable and they do an amazing job at attention to detail. So, stop by and tell them Joe referred you!!
  • In between listing and closing appointments today, I made a quick stop to McAlister's Deli to grab a bite to eat. As I was sitting there enjoying my chili on a cold rainy day and eating my sandwich in the five minutes I could afford to use, I thought this place really needs some recognition. Every time I visit I am greeted with smiling employees, fresh food and fast service. They even offer a military discount to active or retirees like myself. Their menu is very large and can accommodate anyone. Of course, everyone knows that McAlister's sweet tea is a gift from the Gods and they provide you with as many refills as your heart desires. So, if you are in a hurry, want a satisfying meal and have at least $10.00 in your pocket, stop by and see the people at McAlister's and tell them Joe Chesko sent you!!
  • Whether it is the people, the places or the activities there always seems to be something for everyone here in varying degrees. From mountain views, wide open skies, little town theaters, shopping, biking, festivals and a community that seems to grow closer in the face of adversity Lawton has it all.
  • Said to have one of the oldest mountain ranges on earth, Lawton/Ft Sill has over 22,000 acres of wildlife habitat. The nearby Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge has over 59,000 thousand acres with longhorn, bison and other species within its borders. Come explore for your self!
  • Lawton is the fourthth largest city in Oklahoma, (for now)! We are known as the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) city of Oklahoma. A great place to live.
  • Our area has a huge economic impact not only on SW Oklahoma, but the entire world.
  • We are fortunate in the Lawton-Ft. Sill area to have a place to relax and recharge. Sometimes when I have had a hectic day in the office, I just get in the car and head north to the Wichita Mountains area. Even with unusually extreme winter weather, Mt. Scott is beautiful. Just getting a breath of the crisp air and viewing the open skies seems to rejuvenate my spirit. Driving by Lake Lawtonka is always a majestic sight with the tranquil waters and backdrop of the mountains. Typically, I wind up at Ann's Country Kitchen for their home style cooking or a juicy burger before heading back.
  • Lawton, OK
    The city of Lawton was born on August 6, 1901 when the Kiowa-Comanche reservation was opened for settlement. A land lottery helped to allot the land. All a person had to do to claim the 160 acres of land, was to register for a drawing. Mattie Beal was one of the winners of the land lottery. Mattie subdivided some of her land into affordable lots for new settlers and her historical home still stands today at 5th and Summit Ave.

    Lawton/Ft. Sill is a very culturally diverse community due to its American Indian heritage and the military installation. Many events throughout the year celebrate the different cultures in the area. Lawton/Ft. Sill is nestled just south of the Wichita Mountains. The mountains are a favorite for hikers and the lover of nature. Buffalo, longhorn, elk, deer and many other wild creatures are allowed to roam free on the 59,020 acres of federally protected land.
  • Lawton, OK
    I have heard that Lawton now will have a new Toastmasters group. This is a group that pushes the individual business person out of their comfort zone to get up and talk. How many times in life do each of us need to step up? How often do we draw a blank, mumble something and hide? We need to step it up. A more dynamic individual builds a more dynamic community.
  • Lawton, OK
    I have the great privilege to be a member of a group of business owners and representatives of the Lawton area. It is amazing to meet once a week to encourage and help other business owners and see the truth that Lawton is the land of opportunity in this day and age. We are living and seeking for the American Dream.

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