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Enid Area Insight

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    Leonardo's Children Museum offers great family entertainment! Your kids can enjoy the hands on children's museum inside or the fabulous outdoor playground hand built by the city's local volunteers! Leonardo's is re-opening the doors after a multi-million dollar renovation just in time for summer break! Be sure to check out the summer camps (June 6th-Aug 5th, 2016). Call 580-233-ARTS. Early registration discounts!
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    Enid, OK
    If you and your girlfriends are looking for a fun girl's night out, you will definitely want to go to a Tipsy Artist painting class. The Tipsy Artist is a professional painter who teaches beginners and advanced painters alike how to paint simple, yet bold paintings, all while enjoying a glass of wine if you wish (if you are 21 or older, of course) and some delicious food. The Tipsy Artist teaches all over the state and she will be in Enid on July 28 at the Enid Event Center from 6-9 p.m. This Paint Party is fun to be had by all!

    More info can be found on the Tipsy Artist website linked below.
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    If you love a good concert, Enid is the town for you! At the Enid Event Center and Convention Hall, there is almost always a good concert to go see, plus, the tickets aren't overpriced and every seat is a good seat. The Event Center has hosted many, many concerts featuring new up-and-comers to big-time stars.

    This Friday, June 26, 2015, Martina McBride will be hitting the stage for all the concert goers in and around Enid. This country music star is sure to please!

    Some upcoming concerts include: The Red Dirt Rally featuring The Great Divide, Bo Phillips, Bobby Dale, and Casey Pilgreen. Celtic Woman, and Casting Crowns with Lauren Daigle are more bands that will be performing soon.
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    Located on Van Buren, Tropical Smoothie Cafe is a new place in Enid for health nuts to gather for a delicious healthy lunch or to grab a smoothie. They offer a huge variety of wraps, sandwiches, and smoothies, all made with fresh fruits and vegetables for a filling, but extremely healthy meal. They also offer tons of add in options for smoothies to make them even more healthy than they already are. This is the place to go if you are looking for a new, healthy, unique place to grab a bite to eat.
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    Enid, OK
    The 90 degree weather is now upon us! Summer is not officially here yet, but with the temperatures sky-rocketing, it might as well be. The best way to beat the summer heat is by cooling off in some nice, cool water. One of the best places to do that is at Enid's own Splash Zone. Splash Zone is a rather small, fairly priced, family friendly water park here in Enid. It has a large pool, a few different water rides, a lazy river, and a shallow children's play area. The park also has a concession stand in case you get hungry or thirsty, plenty of chairs to lay out on, and many pavilions available for use. Splash Zone is a perfect place to cool off for the day without having to drive too far or spend an arm and a leg to get in!
  • The longer I live in Enid, (going on four years now) the fonder I grow of the downtown area. My day feels happier if I can get all of my meetings, eating and shopping done downtown rather than venturing out to the big chain stores and traffic on Garriott. Speaking of happy, one of my favorite little shops for finding perfect gifts, or just killing a little time is the Felt Bird on Independence. The owners are marvelous people and the merchandise is, well, quirky. They have everything from Enid t-shirts and Toms to jewelry, home decor, humor gifts and more. They offer a military discount and best of all, are open on Mondays when many other downtown stores are closed!
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    Enid, OK
    Northern Oklahoma College is a wonderful community college with the main location being in Tonkawa, with branches in Enid and Stillwater.

    The Enid campus is the second largest of the three, with approximately 1,200 students attending each semester. NOC - Enid offers multiple student clubs and organizations including Civitans, Multicultural Student Association, Literature Club, etc. Sports offered include baseball, softball, men's and women's basketball, and cheerleading. NOC offers a number of different two-year degree programs. If you are looking for a place to further your education, look no further than NOC.
  • When I'm in the mood for Italian (or I ask my daughter where she wants to go eat for lunch), Napoli's is at the top of the list. The location is top-notch: downtown, and directly across the street from the Enid Convention Center and the David Allen Memorial Ball Park. The historic building provides a great atmosphere, the service is friendly, prices are reasonable and last but not least, the food is always tasty! They bring out fresh, warm bread right away and this is no doubt why my daughter is hooked....me too, really. If you find yourself in Enid and in the mood for some great Italian food, check out Napoli's!
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    Enid, OK
    First Friday is held, of course, every first Friday of the month in downtown Enid. You can wine and dine at various eateries, shop at the boutiques, and be entertained by a variety of entertainers. Live music, story tellers, high speed spray paint artists, bounce houses, games, and many different vendors are just a few arrays of entertainment lining the streets from about 6 p.m. until everyone starts clearing out and heading home. First Friday is fun for the whole family!
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    Robert's Ranch Smoking Red Dirt BBQ and Music Festival will be held in Enid on April 17th, 2015 all day - April 18th, 2015 at the Enid Convention Center in the Convention Hall.
    There will be a rib eating contest and ribs for sampling. There will be live music and dancing and many more activities to enjoy!
  • If you are an artist or have always wanted to take art classes, Enid has just what you need. Creative Arts Enid (CAE) is an art studio in downtown Enid that provides studio space as well as classes for adults, teens and children. As an organization, they work closely with the other Enid agencies to promote art and sponsor several events throughout the year in this effort. On March 14th CAE will host its first annual art festival; showcasing local artists, and teaming up with a food truck festival and live music in downtown Enid. They are also collaborating on an event called "Free Art Friday" where local artist donate small pieces of art to Enid residents attending First Friday in April.

    If you are moving to Enid and interested in teaching or enrolling in art classes, contact CAE for more information at the link below.
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    Enid, OK
    There are many, many things to do in Enid; however, shopping is at the top of the list.

    There are many different shopping centers and individual stores located all throughout town. The first place you may want to start is at the Oakwood Mall. Inside the mall there are many clothing stores, a food court, a game room, a paintball war room, and a movie theater.

    There are many different shopping centers all across town that include TJ Maxx, Old Navy, Hibbett Sports, and Rue 21 to name a few chain stores. There are also shopping centers containing small stores local to Enid. There are also many small boutiques in downtown Enid as well as many furniture stores, gift shops, and one western wear store, also.
    Whatever you are shopping for, you are sure to find it in Enid!
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    Spring is in the air! You can tell it’s spring by the warmer air, the pretty blooms on the trees, the flowers being planted all around, and the green stain of weed killer being sprayed on lawns. Spring is an all around fun time. The weather is perfect to be outside doing all kinds of activities. Baseball and softball games are starting, walkers and runners and hitting the walking trails, and many people are enjoying the sunshine from their front porches. It is a beautiful time of year!
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    With spring quickly approaching, buyers are lining up for a change of scenery. Maybe it's first-time buyers armed with tax return money ready to buy that starter home, or a PCS-ing military family looking for a place to call home for the next few years. Whatever the reason, spring is the season to get on the move!

    While which home to buy is an important aspect, as a parent the real question for me is, "Where should my kids go to school?". The internet is full of information on the A-F Report Card and Common Core vs PASS. So, it can be hard to sift through all the information and make a decision.

    Let me just tell you, Enid is home to many schools: Emmanuel Christian, Oklahoma Bible Academy, Cimarron Montessori, Chisholm, and Enid Public just to name a few. There are also outlying districts that are within a short drive of Enid-proper. As a former educator, I believe you should tour the schools you may be interested in sending your children. Meet with teachers, administration, attend an event and find the school that is right for your family.
    It is well worth the effort to ensure your child is in the right school for your family!
  • Enid, OK
    With the standard February-Oklahoma weather fluctuating between bitter winter and early spring, any day warm enough is a day for Enid Walking Trail! This section of the trail is near Meadow Lake Park, a diversion from days inside. You can frequently see families strolling along the trail or individuals running or biking. This is a great addition to Enid, and if you give it a chance, you'll see why so many enjoy a day "warm enough" out on the trail!
  • If you're a runner and looking to move to Enid, rest assured, there are trails to run, clubs to join and racing events for you. Most serious runners are familiar with the Enid Running Club; they welcome runners of all different ages, sizes and capability. See the link below for current meeting places and times, but you can count on at least one run per week. They are usually up and at 'em earlier than I care to be, but I always see them at the races throughout the year. They have some fun weekly runs including the Pub Run that ends at Callahan's Pub in down town.

    Enid's annual events include the JWL's Warm Your Heart fun run in February, the Red Dirt Run of Honor for Memorial Day, The Cherokee Strip Great Land Run in September to celebrate Enid's birthday, and the Candy Cane Dash just to name a few. You can also prepare for the Memorial marathon in Oklahoma City, just a two hour drive south of Enid.
  • If you're from another part of the country, you may think that winter in Oklahoma is probably mild, at least that's what this Colorado born and bred girl thought when I moved here three years ago. Not true, necessarily. While Enid only sees snow one or two times a year, and even then, probably not more than a few inches, temperatures can be wicked. The thermometer may say 30 degrees, but I swear it feels colder. Oklahoma, and Enid for sure, has more humidity and wind than many northern states and so the cold temps defiantly carry a punch. Oklahoma also sports "ice storms" which can take down trees and power lines in the winter months. There is a clear four-seasons here, and if you're moving to the area, don't ditch your winter gear. While we may not be knee-deep in snow, you'll still have more than enough opportunity to make use of your cold-weather accouterments.
  • Just yesterday I was sitting in construction traffic on one of Enid's main roads, Owen K. Garriott. I almost laughed out loud when I realized I was getting frustrated because I was in line behind eight other cars. Eight cars! Only in Enid is eight cars considered a traffic jam and I'm reminded of that every time I'm driving in Oklahoma City or Tulsa.

    Buyers often ask what the commute time is from one neighborhood to a local business. That is one of the beauties of Enid; anywhere is within no more than 20 minutes of anywhere else in town, maybe 30 minutes if you hit "rush hour." What Enid lacks in major retailers or restaurant chains, it more than makes up for in traffic, or lack thereof. I have been truly spoiled here and will miss Enid's simpler ways when we one day move to another part of the country.
  • Looking for grass-fed beef and local, fresh produce? Look no more! Rowdy Stickhorse is my go-to clean eating shop. From handmade goat's milk soaps to non-GMO sweet potatoes, this is the place in Northwest Oklahoma to find amazing beef steaks as well as natural alternatives for standard cleaning products. Whether I need a quick non-GMO meal on the go or a homeopathic solution for a cold, Rowdy Stickhorse is my first stop.
  • Enid, OK
    Five80 is a great place, not just to hang out, it has great vintage charm, but it is also a way to give back. 10% of profits from Five80 go to local causes while 90% of profits fund digging water wells in Africa. Most recently, the leaders of this mission have worked to open a local outreach ministry. So grab a cup of java and help our community and our world!
  • Every parent in Enid knows about Leonardo's Children's Museum. Many likely have a membership, but at the very least, it's a place they visit once or twice a year. The museum is in the downtown area and is chock-full of hands-on exhibits and play areas designed to teach children about art and science. There is also an outdoor play area called Adventure Quest (they could easily call it The Giant Wooden Castle, in my opinion) that is a fantastic place for kids and adults alike to play. Leonardo's can host birthday parties as well as venue adult parties and fundraisers throughout the year. If you visit Enid for just a short time, or decide to call Enid home for years, you need to check out Leonardo's while you're here!
  • Enid just hosted a pretty big event; The 2014 Fireball Run. The Fireball Run is a reality-series race across America where teams compete to win, drum roll, please a plastic sign. Yep, it’s a philanthropic race to raise money and awareness for America's missing children. This year, Enid has a team both in the race led by Dr. David Vanhooser and Aaron Brownlee, and is a stop along the route.

    Enid was chosen because it is viewed as a progressive city with significant growth on the horizon. The event brought Enid a lot of attention both from world-wide viewers on the web, as well as the race participants themselves, many of which are American business leaders, visionaries and investors.
  • Out of town buyers are always interested in Enid schools and rightfully so since school districts can play an important roll in location value and resale potential of a home. Enid is an "open" school district meaning that you can enroll your children in any school you wish, provided there is room and you are willing to provide transportation to and from class each day. Having said that, the only way to guarantee your child a spot in a specific school is to live in that school's district. There are several schools that are always in high demand including Chisholm schools and Prairie View Elementary. I encourage buyers to conduct their own research to decide which school is the best fit for their children.

    For many, Enid's private schools are an excellent choice as well. Private school prices are much more affordable in Enid than in other parts of the country. We chose Cimarron Montessori for my daughter but there are several to choose from. Click the link below to view the district map.
  • As a former graphic designer, logos always catch my eye and I have to say, The City of Enid has one of the best. A few years ago, the city's logo was updated by Kevin Friesen with Friesen Design in Enid, and it reflects the city's history; the Cherokee Strip Land Run in 1893. Oklahoma had several land runs during that time, but this one was the largest and is how Enid was born. If you look closely, the "I" in Enid is a graphic depiction of a land stake and flag. You'll see the logo all over town, but my favorite is the large display on the south side of the event center; it welcomes everyone to the downtown area that may be driving in from the interstate.
  • Enid's Woodring Regional Airport is a great place for pilots passing through, as well as local pilots and instructor/student pilots from Vance Air Force Base, but it is also an important place for the citizens of Enid. Woodring is the location of Enid's new Vietnam War Memorial (a reduced scale replica of the memorial in D.C.) as well as memorial walls for Enid's own fallen warriors. Each year on Memorial Day weekend runners come to the airport to participate in Enid's Red Dirt Run of Honor. Runners sign up for either a 5k or half marathon to commemorate a fallen loved one or veteran from the community. It's easy to see that Enid is proud of its military members, past and present.

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